Jim is the author of 12 scientific papers on space exploration and technology as well as having authored several important articles on the Maserati auto marquee and auto racing.

Editorial Pieces

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Technology & Entrepreneurialism

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Science and Technology Publications

Media Appearances and Presentations

Appearance on TRMO TV - Link here

Rogue Thinkers and Human Progress - Presentation to NASA

Interview on Early Role in SpaceX - Bloomberg News

Interview On Greek TV - Times Of Change (TOC)

Books Authored By Jim

Rogue: Building Humanity's Future In Space - This book, due out late 2016, examines the role of rogue thinking and rogue thinkers in exploration of space and ultimately in humanity's permanent expansion beyond Earth.  The 20th and 21st centuries have born many individuals whose leadership have shaped human destiny and they have all shared in common atypical approaches to challenges and solving problems.